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Hire Blockchain Application Developers

CodeBuilder’s committed team of developers & consultants are well-versed in the cryptocurrency and blockchain application space. We are early proponents and followers of Bitcoin, and we have experience developing and maintaining custom cryptocurrency and blockchain application solutions.

We are operational security experts, so we understand what it takes to run systems that are secure enough to handle the transfer & storage of large amounts of crypto-assets. Our experts will thoroughly penetration test any cryptocurrency application implementations.

Below are some of the areas in which CodeBuilder can help you when it comes to Blockchain applications:

  • Multi-Sig Implementations
  • Cold Storage Solutions
  • Automated Trading Bots
  • Custom Interfaces (Charts & Graphics, Interactive Components, and much more)
  • ACID Compliant Database Design (Double-Entry Accounting)
  • Operational Security & Penetration Testing
We have experience working with various types of Distributed Ledger Technology systems, including but not limited to bittorrent, DHT, blockchain, and many more peer-to-peer systems.
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